Transatlantic Voyages

Transatlantic Voyages | Crusising across the Atlantic

New York

New York is one of the most exciting and dazzling cities in the world, and the ultimate destination for a Transatlantic voyage. New York has a huge range of attractions and things to do, from shopping at world famous department stores such as Macy's and Bloomingdales, to ascending engineering feats of wonder such as the Empire State Building, to taking a stroll in the enormous Central Park, to taking a boat over to Liberty Island and the iconic Statue of Liberty. A Transatlantic voyage from the USA to the UK has an additional benefit as cruise ships have no luggage restrictions, which means you can literally shop till you drop, and bring home as much bounty as you fancy, taking advantage of a slightly weaker dollar. Click here for further reading on New York.

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Transatlantic Voyages

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise ship is a fantastic experience and an iconic voyage reminiscent of the days of traditional cruising. With several days at sea in between stops, you really can explore the ship you are on, making the most of the facilities and activities available, including spectacular gastronomy and pampering in onboard spas. Most transatlantic cruises from the UK include a stop at New York, although some do go directly to Canada, The Caribbean and South America as well.