Immerse yourself in one of the world's most beautiful regions with a cruise to the Baltic. With awe-inspiring architecture and fascinating history, you'll be engrossed every step of the way, so why not sail to the heart of some of northern Europe's best cities.

Discover Estonia's medieval capital, Tallinn; the Art Nouveau buildings, cafés and welcoming locals of Helsinki; Riga's stunning UNESCO-listed Old Town and Copenhagen's statue of the Little Mermaid, celebrating the tales of the city's Hans Christian Andersen.
St. Petersburg is considered as the jewel of the Baltic crown and is renowned for its baroque palaces along with the spectacular art collection in The Hermitage. Choose from over 100 museums to explore by day, and by night perhaps opt for an evening at the ballet for a taste of the famous Russian art.
With so much variety in the architecture and history across this region, a Baltic cruise really makes for an inspiring and culturally-rich cruise experience that is hugely fulfilling.

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