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South America

Argentina Cruise Destination


A country of big cities, natural attractions, tango, beef, and football, all served up with a distinctly European feel. Although Argentina’s...

Brazil Cruise Destination


The largest country in South America, is also one of the most captivating. It is a country of pristine rainforests, power-soft white sand...

Chile Cruise Destination


With the longest coastline versus landmass, Chile’s territory stretches for more than half the length of the South American continent, and is...

Ecuador Cruise Destination


With a wealth of indigenous and old colonial cultures to experience, it is the deeply spiritual and almost mystical aspects to South America that...

Peru Cruise Destination


Like a continent in miniature, Peru will astound you with its diversity. Not even fierce Inca warriors or Spanish conquistadors could totally...

Colombia Cruise Destination


The diversity of Colombia is sure to astound – from modern cities with skyscrapers, mile after mile of beautiful beach, to Amazon safaris and...

Uruguay Cruise Destination


Uruguay used to be South America’s best-kept secret, but these days travellers flock to its subtropical shores. With its pristine beaches,...

Falkland Islands Cruise Destination

Falkland Islands

A stopover at the Falkland Islands is a popular addition to any South America or Antarctica voyage...